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VW Jacked Up Graphic

I found this photo while going through old files (I never throw anything away, or delete). After a quick google search, I can’t find it anywhere else on the web,...

Find my first car

I’ll offer up a $250 cash reward for someone who can put me in touch with someone that can be verified as the owner of my first car, a 1973...

Help me find my VW Super Beetle

So I’ve spent the last 15 years looking for this car, haven’t had much luck.

1973 Volkswagen Wide Super Beetle

When my dad and I planned out the overhaul of the 1973 Super Beetle I really wanted to go with a wide fender look for the car. We ended up...

1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle Driving to Graduation

Video of the car as I headed off to my high school graduation, June 1995..

1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle Red

Before the car was blue (painted in the summer of 1998 in Sedalia, Missouri), it was red.